FIABCI Wereldcongres – Sociaal programma

 Kuala Lumpur 2015

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FIABI World Congress

Social Programs:
The FIABCI World Congress Social Programs will include several study and recreation tours which will offer participants a chance to see, experience and hear about local culture and important real estate, landscape and development projects in Kuala Lumpur.  These programs are designed to provide a wealth of knowledge and a great chance to network.  Programs include:

City Tour A:

Kuala Lumpur Skyline:

Tuesday, 26 May


An interesting tour which unveils the beauty and charm of Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Tower ranks 4th among the tallest telecommunication towers in the world. The exterior and interior design patterns and materials reflect the national identity of Malaysia.

Explore the “King’s Palace” which until very recently was occupied by the King and Queen of Malaysia.

The National Museum is one of the top museums in Malaysia. It is an essential stop in discovering more about Malaysia’s rich history and culture.

The next stop, the National Mosque, is a nationwide symbol of Islam. The contemporary-style National Mosque’s main dome is star-shaped with 18 points: the points represent Malaysia’s 13 states and the five pillars of Islam.

Attire: Smart Casual

Accompanying Person Tour:

Handicraft & Shopping:

Friday, 29 May

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur is a fun and exciting experience.  You will find wonderful bargains and an abundance of Kuala Lumpur-themed products which are made in the city. The Central Market built in the style of a bazaar, is filled with a collection of everything from assorted arts and crafts to antique, pewter ware, batik and silk apparel, traditional music instruments, jewelry and accessories, local delicacies and home decor items. Petaling Street is the centre of Kuala Lumpur’s original China Town, which, maintains much of its traditional atmosphere. It is a shopper’s paradise selling varieties of goods and a delightful array of local cuisine.

Attire: Smart Casual

City Tour B:

Malaysian Cultural Walkthrough:

Thursday, 28 May

This trip will take place on the outskirts along ‘Ambassador Row’, Istana Sharif Ali and Malay villages. Our first stop will be to the Royal Selangor Pewter, the largest and most modern pewter factory in the world.  This factory is known internationally for its quality craftmanship. You will be shown different processes, such as casting, filling, polishing, soldering, hammering and engraving during the factory tour.

Next, we will visit the Batik Factory where you will see how Batik is designed and printed.

Our last stop will be to the limestone hills of the Batu Cave.  The Batu Cave is comprised of three caverns with several smaller caves. It is the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India and is dedicated to Lord Muragan, a Hindu deity.  272 steps will lead to the temple cave. Another cave, called the museum cave, is filled with images of deities and murals depiciting scenes from Hindu scruptures.

Attire: Smart Casual

Study Tour A:

Cyberjaya and Putrajaya:

Thursday, 28 May

Cyberjaya, the country’s intelligent city, is a fully integrated city complete with modern amenities and facilities.

Cyberview Lodge Resort is a five-star boutique resort located in the heart of Multimedia Super Corridor in Cyberjaya. The lush vegetation surrounding the area and the restful setting is a great way to escape and relax your body, mind and soul. It is a uniquely designed tropical hotel which consists of charming chalet units, suites and bungalows scattered over beautifully landscaped grounds.

Putrajaya, the new Federal Government Administrative Centre, is a modern city which embraces the concept of an intelligent garden city and showcases the best of Malaysian architectural design in an environmentally-friendly setting of beautifully landscaped lakes and parks.

Attire: Smart Casual

Study Tour B:

Setia Eco Park:

Thursday, 28 May


Setia Eco Park is a prestine community where functionality meets the subtle beauty of nature. This residential development consists of semi-detached homes and bungalows with a centralized neighborhood shopping village and a clubhouse. It is an exclusive estate as there are only 3.7 units on average per acre, which makes it one of the largest exclusive enclaves with the lowest population density in the entire Klang Valley.  Setia Eco Park is renowned for its scenic landscape tapestry that pays tribute to the beauty of Mother Nature. The additional acres are dedicated to natural waterways, lakes and creeks.  Built with the environment in mind, Setia Eco Park has been awarded the World’s Best Master Plan Development award by the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Award in 2007.


FIABCI European Congress 2013 in Riga

Afbeelding     Afbeelding

FIABCI European Congress 2013 in Riga: ”The new stage of the European real estate market: correction of mistakes ”

From 26th to 28th of September 2013, a European congress of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) will be held in Riga, the capital of Latvia. It is organized by the Federation’s Baltic chapter – FIABCI Baltic – in cooperation with real estate professional associations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. For the first time in more than 60-year history ofFIABCI, real estate market professionals from all over the world will be gathered in one of the Baltic states to exchange their experience concerning one of the most pressing issues for many countries: ”The new stage of the European real estate market: correction of mistakes”.

During his visit to Riga, Gerard W. Bakker, FIABCI board member and Conference committee president noted that the selected place for the upcoming European congress is perfect. ”It is very important,” emphasized Gerard W. Bakker, ”that the real estate market of the Baltic states has suffered severely from the economic crisis; however, it was one of the first to overcome the aftermath of the crisis, and this experience proved to be very interesting and instructive. We should learn on others’ mistakes, therefore the subject of the 2013 European congress is bound to attract many participants”.

FIABCI Baltic president Aigars Zariņš (Latvia): Riga is ready to welcome members of the FIABCI European congress. Having survived the most dramatic recession among the European countries, the real estate market of Latvia currently has a great potential for development. Latvia’s entering the euro area in 2014 enchances the appeal of the country’s real estate market. The Congress addresses risk management associated with real estate investments and means of securing deals, as well as such topical issues as investment climate in various European countries. It obtaining financial aid for project development, public-private partnership and regional development. The issue of overcoming the economic crisis and its aftermath within European real estate markets has been granted special attention: new operating forms and methods, new approach towards old problems, new banking strategies, new professional standards and requirements shall be discussed in greater detail.

Vitas Zabilius, FIABCI Baltic board member (Lithuania): We tried to compose the Congress programme to make it interesting for all our guests, making an emphasis on the investment appeal of all Baltic states. The key points have been highlighted in a specific way, showing that the crisis has passed and the time has come to establish a new market with new rules and possibilities. Europe’s real estate markets have changed since the crisis, in some countries beyond recognition. This is the topic which should be discussed in greater detail in order to share with your own experience and learn from the experience of others. Apart from that, the programme includes marketing sessions, where local real estate developers will present their most interesting projects and organize business tours around various residential and commercial properties, as well as trips to Vilnius and Tallinn.

Ardi Roosimaa, FIABCI Baltic board member (Estonia): Meeting your colleagues while attending such events always affects your business in a positive way. Other professionals’ experience provides you with an outside perspective on your actions; you also get a chance to select new priorities and improve the efficiency of your business. Communication with professionals is most effective if they are working in an environment different from ours. In each European country, in the USA, Asia, market principles remain the same; it is the approach towards realization of projects and deals that differs. We hope that the best of the best professionals will attend the Congress in Riga, and I believe that their understanding of real estate business will prove to be beneficial for others. Apart from that, personal contact is important. It is not enough to communicate through letters or phone calls to launch a serious project; it is crucial to see your potential partner. In turn, participation in such congresses is the fastest way to find the right people.

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